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Examples of the advisory process
Examples of the advisory process

Individual advisory processes to suit each client segment

Complex one-off cases or efficient retail business? The Investment Navigator does both.

The Investment Navigator lets you adjust the appearance and product selection (recommendation lists, standard model portfolios and optimised model portfolios) for each client segment individually. You are also able to determine the degree of freedom open to the advisers (for example “switching allowed only to lower-risk asset classes”). In this way, advisers in retail banking are protected against complexity and private banking advisers are given the necessary leeway.

Three consultation processes for each adviser group are available in the Investment Navigator:

  • Strategy discussion (portfolio advice)
  • Brief offer (individual investments)
  • Investment plan/savings plan (regular saving)
Validation settings
Validation settings

Flexible validation and plausibility checking

Effective guidelines for legally sound advice 

With its multiplicity of automatic validation and plausibility checks, the Investment Navigator steers advisers safely through the entries in the WpHG form and escorts them through the process of drawing up the offer and consultation record. The settings/validations and their impacts on the offer status (e.g. warning message or error) can be configured separately for each advisory process (brief consultation, strategy discussion or savings plan). There is also always the option of adding further validation and plausibility checks.

Automatic retrieval of all mandatory documents

No need for time-consuming individual searches ever again

All mandatory documents (e.g. Key Information Document, product information sheet or sales brochure) for the securities included in the offer are automatically added to the offer PDF as an attachment. As well as this you can also specify optional documents (e.g. refunds, issuers’ annual report, market and securities analysis) for each paper or each type of offer; these documents will then likewise always be automatically included at the place you specify in the consultation record or offer. This ensures that all of the documents will be handed over to the client in full, and guarantees (even more) legal certainty.

Informative and authoritative consultation record 

Quick and reliable production

The consultation record, conforming to Article 34 para. 2 of the WpHG, is fully integrated into the advisory process (including full data retrieval from your core banking system). User-friendly operation and automatic validation and plausibility checks help you produce the record quickly and reliably.

Example of an offer
Example of an offer

Individual top-grade offers with creative freedom

Showcasing your services

You round off the consultation process with a customised offer that will surely also be visually appealing to your client thanks to the chart software and graphics technologies that we use. The completeness of the client data resulting from the integration of all available sources (core banking system, internal database and external price feed) and the adaptation of content and form to match your corporate design and your specifications (text, logo and colours) means you have an effective marketing tool in your hands.

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