PFI Private Finance Institute at the EBS Business School

The PFI Private Finance Institute at the EBS Business School covers every aspect of private finance, private wealth management and financial services brokerage. With the endowed chair of Private Finance & Wealth Management as its academic nucleus, the PFI Private Finance Institute pursues an interdisciplinary approach in intensively addressing all aspects surrounding the subject of the finances of private individuals, with a particular emphasis on demand-oriented and client-centred research.

The focus of the research agenda at the PFI Private Finance Institute is on advisory and sales approaches used by banks, insurance companies and other financial service providers with their various segment-specific interests in retail, affluent and private banking and in the family office sector. The PFI Private Finance Institute also undertakes research in areas such as current developments on the financial markets, financial market products and insurance products, specific future business models and potential for differentiation, such as financial planning and estate planning. This also includes new advisory services in business areas such as international wealth management and the execution of wills.

Operating through the EBS Finanzakademie/EBS Executive Education, the PFI Private Finance Institute has been a pioneer in the field of executive education for finance professionals for almost 20 years, and is seen as setting the standard in training for qualification as a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and Certified Foundation and Estate Planner (CFEP). It also offers numerous, company-specific postgraduate programmes in consultancy and sales expertise, capital market products and alternative investments.

In addition, through a range of research and advisory projects the PFI Private Finance Institute maintains close contact with a large number of companies in the banking, savings and insurance sector and financial services brokerage. These activities focus on scientifically founded but practical and results-oriented support for consultancy, sales and business models.

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