The flexible all-round solution for financial consulting

The Investment Navigator helps you every step of the way in all the procedures relating to every aspect of investment advice. From the initial contact with potential clients to preparation of the final offer, everything is built in that you need for top-class, legally secure customer support. Like its predecessor CRIS, the Investment Navigator offers the appropriate presentation, advisory sequences and products for every client segment.

A versatile instrument providing all-round support for your clients

Make sure that you, too, benefit from a sophisticated system tailor-made to support your clients over the long term. Analyse your clients’ situation with a clear, compact representation of all the available data, both from your core banking system and from all other relevant sources, and in that way be certain that you understand their needs. Propose investment opportunities appropriate to their situation, on the basis of recommendations from your central specialist departments, and decide with your clients on specific portfolio adjustments using transparent, visually compelling offer documents. Review your clients’ portfolios in the follow-up period to check they are achieving their targets, with automatic monitoring of risks and structures, and inform your clients with a comprehensive investment report. 

The positives of advice with the Investment Navigator

WpHG form (German Securities Trading Act) and consultation record with validation and plausibility checks for legal certainty
All mandatory and requested documents automatically attached to the offer
All individual products include every required feature:
  • Deposit products
  • Individual securities
  • Funds
  • Structured products
Aggregated products:
  • Recommendation lists
  • Model portfolios1
  • Optimised portfolios1
1 both by asset class and individual securities
Individualised, top-grade offer for your client
Fully automatic archiving of consultation records in the core banking system
All adviser groups with individual
  • products
  • advisory approaches
  • presentational appearance
  • • restrictions/freedoms in the provision of advice
Define as many advisory processes as required for all client segments and adviser groups
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