Consistent, efficient and legally sound advice.
The Investment Navigator.

The Investment Navigator is a web-based portfolio management, consulting and analysis system for commercial banks, savings banks and larger financial consultancy businesses.

What makes the Investment Navigator special:
as flexible and customised as an in-house development

The Investment Navigator is integrated into your IT infrastructure entirely in line with your requirements, just like a solution you have developed yourself, and is fully matched to your content and processes (with automatic retrieval of all internal data including price feed).

Systematic legal certainty

Over 120 different validation and plausibility-checking functions provide for almost total legal certainty when you produce your records of offers and consultations.

A solution for all advisers

The Investment Navigator gives you a front-end system for all adviser segments including sales management, managerial accounting, portfolio management and performance reporting. You control all adviser segments through a central analysis and administration area, thus ensuring compliance with legal frameworks and implementation of a uniform sales strategy.

The presentational appearance, product selection, advisory process, documents and marketing materials are all customised to suit each adviser segment.

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